Thursday, June 9, 2016

Empathy.... or not

I have always thought I was fairly empathetic- I honestly try to see the other side of a story in order to fully understand the issues. I understand the wish for smaller government and fiscal responsibility, and in fact, used to be Libertarian (until I grew up and started to understand human nature).

But with Trump supporters, I just do not get it. I cannot imagine, in any universe, thinking that this racist, misogynistic, narcissistic conman would be in ANY way suitable to be in charge of the nuclear launch codes, and to "lead" this country.

Just... no how, no way, not gonna happen.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Through the Looking Glass

A question.... How do you satirize something that is already a few notches past satire?
I speak , of course, of the present GOP. After years of "we make our own reality" they wind up with the perfect presidential candidate, one who simply makes stuff up on the fly- says whatever he needs to to make a point.
What is inconceivable to me is that a large minority of USians actually are fooled by this fool- in a through the looking glass moment, he even said he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and his follower would not care.

And he's right.

It seems a large portion of the modern "conservative" (yes, in air quotes) is so divorced from reality that all they need is someone who hurls third grade taunts, whines when he doesn't get his way, speaks at a grade school level (I'm being generous calling his speech patterns even grade school when they are, in fact, one step above the neanderthal grunt).

Meanwhile, we have global warming actually hurting these people- floods in Texas, daily tornadoes, wide spread coastal flooding, tropical diseases and insects spreading farther north, mass extinctions starting....
But, the most important issue is BEING ABLE TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST SOMEONE.